4 Signs it is Time to Call the Plumber

You never fully appreciate a plumber until an emergency strikes at your home, and you’re wondering what to do in a nasty situation. No one likes to deal with plumbing problems, but the plumber glen Ellyn il is the professional trained to rid them out of your world quickly. But, is it really time to call the plumber, or maybe the issue will go away soon? The issue isn’t going to remedy itself. In fact, it’ll only get worse as time goes forward. It is safe to say that a call to a plumber is in order if you notice any of the four issues listed below.


Odors are oftentimes associated with backflow and septic system issues. These fumes are actually gases that can be dangerous to your health, not to mention very stinky. Don’t wait any more to call a plumber.

Busted Pipes

Busted pipes entail water over the floor, walls, and other undesired areas. If your pipes have busted, it is time to make that call and find out the problem.

Increasing Water Bills

If your water usage has remained consistent, but the bills continue rising, perhaps a pinhole leak or busted pipe underneath the home is the culprit of the extra expense. Call a plumber to find the problem and the solution.

Drains Won’t Drain

When a drain isn’t doing its one job, it is time to give it a lesson it won’t soon forget. A plumber will quickly learn why the drain isn’t performing its job, usually a clog and make the repair quickly.

Don’t put the call off to the plumber if the signs above are present in your world. One call and the solution can be found, but you cannot put that call off any longer.